The military branches of the united states of America do participate in a number of sports for example basketball, swimming, track sports, wrestling, handball, volleyball, football, tennis among many others. Now one branch of the military has decided to move with time and do things the current way, the united states of America’s army is starting a fornite Esports team so as to boost the recruitment by attracting more young recruits from all over the nation.

The United States of America’s army is in the process of standing up two new and competitive outreach teams that are comprised of, one, an army Esports team and two, an army functional fitness team and both teams will be part of the marketing and engagement brigade which will be at Fort Knox.

The soldiers on both teams would be able to travel to various events and places as well as compete for the army. As we can see this is quite advantageous for those who will be joining because they will not only be members but also they will be more than just members of the united states army team and yet they would be working since the outreach team members will receive the same pay and benefits as other soldiers of equal ranks across the army.

This fortnite Esports team is beneficial cause now the United States would have real soldiers going through full training that would make them effective on the field. Also it is a good programme that other countries can borrow from the united states army and before we know it the program could be settling international conflicts in fortnite instead of the real world battle field.

Fortnite is one of the games that the team members would be is believed that fortnite will be the most effective wat to rank players since the game itself is a hard addition to that, along with participating in esports, members of the team will also assist the army with beta testing stimulation and training programs as well as apps.